April 13th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

act scores.

ACT scores are up, bitches.

English: 31
usage/mechanics - 18
rhetorical skills - 14

Mathematics: 22
pre-algebra/elementary algebra - 12
int. algebra/coord. geometry - 11
plane geometry/trigonometry - 11

Reading: 31
social studies/science - 17
arts/literature - 14

Science: 25

Composite: 27

Not what I was hoping, but HA! I DID BETTER ON MATH THAN I THOUGHT I DID!
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this is me

everyone laughs until it happens to them.

Yet more proof that I am an absolutely brilliant person:

Annie was running toward the bedroom door. It was open most of the way, and I was stepping out of the room, attempting to make it out before she got out.

As I stepped out, I slammed the door shut, seemingly behind me.

BAM! "FUCK!" I yelled.

That's right. I closed the fucking door on my goddamn head.
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