April 11th, 2004

this is me

well the way i see it.

Yesterday was hell. Let's leave it at that.

One of the things I dislike most about my hair is that it gets everywhere. By "everywhere," I mean, "FUCK MY HAIR IS IN THE FOOD AGAIN!"

The bathtub's drain was cleaned out a few days ago. It is already full of dark brown hair... my hair. That is because I am shedding. I am not a cat or a dog, dammit! I am a human! I do not shed! And, yet, I am.

I caught up in Room With A View! About time. I like it so far... my only problem with it is that it is taking me forever to read it. Ho hum.

My father has the world's worst singing voice - yes, it is worse than mine. Whenever he sings, I threaten to play Kate Bush. I don't know why he dislikes her; sure, some of her earlier music is somewhat blah, but she is brilliant. He tends to run away and complain to my mother whenever I play something by her.

That tends to occur quite often. Of course, I only play her music when I'm in the mood.

(I'm always in the mood to torture my father.)
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