April 9th, 2004

this is me

tried to tell you about no control

i can't believe it
the way you look sometimes
like a trampled flag on a city street, oh yeah
and i don't want it
the things you're offering me
symoblized barcode, quick id, oh yeah

I have done nothing today. I love holidays that I don't celebrate. :)

I actually spent my day quite productively. I discovered a college that I believe looks good, and I have been contemplating the various colleges I have been eying.

My list:
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Indiana University - Bloomington
Illinois State University
Beloit College
Goucher College
Lawrence University
DePaul University

The main reason any of them are even on there is due to languages. As most of you are aware, I am currently a foreign language whore, so the more languages, the better. Plus, since my current plan is to major in French, I want a good French program. Minnesota has a French & Italian Studies major that looks wonderful, Indiana has a million and a half languages, and Beloit is well-known for its languages. DePaul and ISU are mainly on there because my parents want me to stay in-state (not if I can help it...) Lawrence and Goucher just look like excellent all-around colleges.

I actually believe that I will probably end up double-majoring, because I just can't see myself sticking with one thing (even if it is something I love) for any amount of time, let alone for the rest of my life. For a while there, I was thinking about double-majoring in French and Chemistry, but doing that would probably kill me, since I suck at Chemistry. If I end up going to Minnesota or Indiana, I might go with Near Eastern Studies, since I have obsessed over that portion of the world for years. And then... there's also the English possibility. After all, I have been Mister I-Will-Read-And-Write-Everything-I-Possibly-Can since the third grade, so why not?

Who the hell knows? I sure don't.

(Just as a quick aside, what do you all see me doing in the future? Will I be a teacher? An international spy? The president? Please help me out.)

Beyond that, I received the list of classes I registered for, for next year. Everything looks in order... well, it would, if our school was going to a 10 period day. See, the classes I registered for are fine (English 4 AP, Government/Democracy Accel, European History AP, Biology 2 AP, Physics 2, French 4, Italian 2, Aerobics (first semester), Senior Lifetime & Wellness (second semester)). The problem with it is that I have a lunch for each semester. Now, that it is impossible, because there are only a limited number of periods in a day. Well, if I had a time-turner (oh God I'm a geek), it might work. But until then... nope.

Wow I am such a nerd. Sorry about that.

'cause i'm 21st century digital boy
i don't know how to live but i got a lot of toys
my daddy's a lazy middle class intellectual
my mommy's on valium, so ineffectual
ain't life a mystery, yeah?
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no fear

like a flag.

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My original plan was to take a picture of my completely black thumb, due to the ever-so-lovely print in the book I just finished, but I decided that my hair looked better than my thumb.

For people who see me every day, view that picture while you can - that right there is known as "one of the most minor cases of bed hair Adam has ever received." For that matter, I don't think any of you have ever seen me with my hair unbrushed.

Okay so anyway, I just read the last 300 pages in Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, the prequel to The Da Vinci Code, and... um...

Better than TDVC. However, the last line made me want to kill myself.

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First words out of my mouth: "Oh my God, that was so fucking tacky." I then threw the book across the bed.

Annie the Beast, who was laying next to my pillow, was perturbed.
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