April 6th, 2004


well open wiiide

Holy shizzle I'm exhausted.

Instead of going to first period, at 8:00, we went to an hour-long homeroom. Ugh that was awful.

I understand how to do the Trig, but it takes so long that I randomly put down answers. Whatever. I want to get on to something different in French... I miss the culture, and it's only been, like, three weeks. :(

We have to meet with our groups outside of class in Italian. GOD DAMMIT. Now, see, I like the other people in my group - Ivan and Andrew are perfectly fine people, but I would really rather not have to have even more things to do.

Boring History. I didn't do much work during lunch, though Amanda told me that the only reason I'm "fuckable" is due to my hair. Huh. Then I followed everyone else from the table outside, to the courtyard, where Steve, Pat and I played waterbottle hackysack. We cooked really milky Macaroni and Cheese and really good chicken during Outdoor Ed.

I still have to read chapter one in Room With A View. I know what happens in chapter four, at any rate! The Chemistry test was really hard, despite my pseudo-studying.

After flap, I went to the LRC to check out some books for the History debate tomorrow. Yes, I have put it off for that long. Haha, four people were there when I got there, so I stood in line, talking to George, and two more people came after me. We were all guys who had put off getting the books until today. Are we members of a cult or just the masculine gender? You decide.

So I put off homework until 6:30, and I just finished it, like, 15 minutes ago. I really want to speak up, but I don't know if I will... my plan is to be the first person to speak during the debate, so I won't have to do anything else. I doubt that that will work out.

I really really really need this weekend. I am tired and worn out and flat out dead on my feet. Thank God.

I was going to put a rant about Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain right here, but I decided to post that in my private journal. Too many people I know would probably harm me if I wrote what I was going to. *pussy*

Bon nuit.
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