April 2nd, 2004

this is me

why stand in the rain?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE aka pawnterroist!
Also, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother.

French test today. I did awful.

Italian test today. I should have gotten 100%, but I wrote down the wrong past participle for "chiedere" - instead of "chiesto," I wrote "chiuso," which is the past participle for "chiudere". Whoops.

During lunch, I did my French, went to the bookstore and paid for the Outdoor Ed field trip (and bought A Room With A View), wrote my letter to my secret admirer, and tada.

I chatted with Alma during Outdoor Ed. Silly Elk Grove High School and their money problems. Haha.

English was pathetic. I read Le Petit Prince and whimpered as I found more people who know more about the book than I do.

CHEMISTRY IIEEE. First, we did our binders (154/154, as usual BITTTTCH). Then we finished watching Hiroshima. THEN we played a review game. I missed the penny question, so I had 17/19 points, but then I wagered all of my points on the bonus... and was right (Becquerel discovered radioactivity, while Roentgen discovered x-rays). 34. I had the highest score in the class - Greg had 23, the second place score. I got a cute little bean-dog.

I came home, studied for the ACT tomorrow (oh God negative five million JUST WAIT), and ate. Now I am contemplating going to bed... I'm so tired. Argh.

No. I shall study.

27/28, here I come! *pray*
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