March 29th, 2004

no fear

small, fat, all round or juicy

Trig is easy. We've begun Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in French. Irregular past participles in Italian. Lame pseudo-discussion in History (I didn't even have to read the book) and the SNL sketch. We will be doing a debate a week from Wednesday. I got no work done at lunch, learned about the field trip a week from Wednesday in Outdoor Ed, watched The Importance of Being Earnest in English (where I finished my French homework) and did some studying in Chemistry while watching Fat Man and Little Boy.

A week from Wednesday will be a good day. I wasn't planning on going on the Outdoor Ed field trip (just not in the mood to miss school), but then I realized that that was when the debate for History will be... so I get to miss it. Obviously, I'm all about the not having to do History work. ;)

I traded The DaVinci Code for Slaughterhouse Five with Tiffany today. I haven't begun S5 yet, but I probably will before I go to bed. I can't wait.

I have begun studying for my ACT, which is on Saturday. I have only done the English, Math, and Reading tests from my workbook, which resulted in a 28/23/32 respectively. My composite goal is 36, but since that won't happen, I'm aiming for 28 - one point higher than what my mother received. My father got 23 on his ACT, so I already have him beat.

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