March 26th, 2004

this is me

anything but bush '04

I was just watching the news (CLTV - Chicagoland Television) and the news anchor mentioned more rights for fetuses.

I immediately had the best idea ever.

Fetuses deserve the right to vote.

Who cares about the people who count? (i.e., me, with my FOUR FUCKING MONTHS AWAY FROM GETTING TO VOTE WTF) The fetuses deserve to vote! I mean, they're harassed, molested, tortured, ripped from the womb...

It will be the next Amendment to the Constitution. The Civil Rights Act of 2004. They'll have little lawn signs inside the womb, with the names of presidential candidates - "BUSH!" "NADER!" "KERRY!!!"

There will be little twin fetuses, one Democrat and the other Republican - they'll beat each other up. "No, I support abortion!" "You bitch!"

Not to mention the triplet fiascos. The Democrat and Republican will make sure their Green sibling will undergo a miscarriage. The Anarchist siblings will bitchslap that little Republican mofo. IT WILL BE GREAT!

I DEMAND FETUS RIGHTS! If it doesn't happen soon, then I'm moving to Canada.

Take that, America!

(Also, note my new icon. ;)
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