March 22nd, 2004

wasn't my bullet

c'est ca qu'on aime

My birthday was actually fairly tolerable this year. My parents were reasonable, Kris visited at about one this afternoon (with a gift) and left not long afterward, and I just feel good in general.

The "party" theme for this year was languages (I think my parents know me a bit too well...). My mother cut up pieces of paper which had the words "Happy Birthday" in approximately 100 languages. I got two French posters, a zillion French and Italian CDs, and a few (English) books that look absolutely fantastic.

I have some of the best friends in the world. As usual, I wanted to see who would remember that it's my birthday, without any prompting, and a number of people remembered. Kris, Tiffany, Kayti, Kelly. Thank you all. You totally made my day.

I won't actually be 17 until approximately 11:37 tonight. I think I can call myself the big "one seven" before then, though. It doesn't feel any different - as usual - but it's pretty damn cool to have this vacation as my birthday gift. :P
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