March 21st, 2004

every frequency

this revolution has just begun

top of my gun
cock it for fun

I adore this song (Evolution Revolution Love by Tricky). Kayti is so wonderful for sending it to me. ;(

I spent the day eating and cleaning. My parent's bedroom looks great now (well, where I rearranged everything, at any rate) and my stomach is approximately five times larger than it was yesterday. Surprised? Of course not.

I can already tell that this break won't end soon enough. If I have to deal with my parents for another day, I'll probably explode. (Keep your eye on the sky for flying chunks of Adam.)

Nothing else to say.
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    Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret?

My father's crush on Mother Angelica.

Yet another reason why my family drives me insane:

My father, the Ultra-Jew, watches the Catholic station for fun. Now, that's fine - their chants and hymns and whatever are hypnotizing and all that. However, when he begins going on about how Mother Angelica is the only good thing to watch on television anymore...

Well, that's just fucking wrong.
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    B*Witched - We Four Girls