March 20th, 2004

this is me

Do the Rick James.

First day of Spring Break, and I have already accomplished something: I have done my English homework (reading The Importance of Being Earnest). It was quite good - why can't we read stuff like that during school, in the place of The Merchant of Venice or Frankenstein?

My schoolwork plan is to save The Jungle until Friday or Saturday - McSomething will post the study guide on Friday, and I want to see what I should be looking for while reading.

In the mean time, I'll begin studying in a few days for the ACT - I'll start out with a full out ACT exam, just to see how I do, and then work on what I have problems with. I have a Princeton Review book (with a CD-ROM), the English & Reading book from school, McAnnoying's ACT packet, and a subscription to this website that has several ACT tests on it.

Me? Obsessed? Yeah, I'd say so.

My current plan, before I do anything, is to recover from school. Once I finish that up (Monday or so), I'll be able to function properly. I think that, at the rate I'm going in school, I might just be able to manage a 4.0 for this semester. I need straight A's, plus a B in Algebra and a B in History. I think that that is doable... the only problem would be French. Can I pull an A? I hope so. I doubt it.

Is it making you feel as good as I feel?
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