March 18th, 2004

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I got my Algebra quiz back today (the one I made up on Tuesday). Oh, wow, I suck - 6/23. I knew how to do the problems beforehand, I know how to do them now, but I just can't get them to work properly on tests. After today... TRIG! YAHOO!

We watched Lucky Luke in French and some really good movie that I don't know the title to in Italian. The test was cancelled for History :) and I laughed as Chua was harassed during lunch.

I rappelled. I still have a fear of heights, but at least I didn't kill myself... too much.

The English in-class essay? Dear sweet Jesus, I HAVE READ "The Tyger" BEFORE, DAMMIT! I spent 25 minutes attempting to comes up with what the deeper meaning of them poem was, not actually writing my essay, and then I BSed my way through the first two paragraphs. Then... I discovered the Greek mythology. And I BSed my way through another page and a half. God, I hate my life.

I really want to become a Chemist. I love Chemistry this year... it's easy, it's fun, and I just adore it. I haven't actually mentioned it in this journal for some time, but my College Plans involve a double major - French and Chemistry. I can't live without French, and Chemistry is just so interesting to me that I need to learn more. I know, it's probably a stupid idea, but we'll see what happens in another year or two. :)

I came home and went to bed, and woke up about an hour later. Damn.

I had to write a diatribe-sonnet for English. I couldn't come up with anything to be angry about, so I wrote about how I'm angry that I can't come up with anything. It's bad. Real bad. I read it out loud to my mother and father, and my lovely father laughed for ten minutes straight. It wasn't supposed to be funny. He was an ass.

I would suggest that you read it out loud. Don't pause at the punctuation marks. God, I'm gonna fail...

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I'm sorry.
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