March 17th, 2004

this is me

wah wah your parents hate you

Italian Exam = not too painful. I finished before everyone else. I probably didn't do that great. :(

Since we took our French test yesterday, we get to have a "fun" week for the rest of the week. Okay, actually, Fun. No need for non-capitalizations and quote marks! Today, we split up into groups and played Scrabble. EN FRANCAIS! Not only was I the only person to know how to play (in my group: me, Diane, Katie, Malissa, and Alma), but I also won! 67 points... haha, I traded my "N" for Malissa's "Z" and put the "Z" down after "Passe". 27 point word, BITCHES. Then I added a "U" and a "T" to the "Z" and got 12 points for "Zut". I am God. Admit it.

I "also" use too "many" quotation "marks."

Tomorrow = English in-class essay. I am not at all looking forward to it, though now I at least know how to write an essay with using the formula sheet (in my head).

This might be of interest to a few of you (Maine West people who, like me, was curious of who killed that kid).

So basically, last Friday, some kid was killed near Maine East. Just yesterday they discovered that several of the killers go to my school, Maine West. Today, the administration at MW decided to go "Code Yellow" - two steps down from "Code Red," which is, "THERE'S A GUNMAN IN DA HIZZOUSE!" Locked doors, students not allowed out in the halls during classes, etc.

Now, that's all fine and dandy, but it's fucking ridiculous. The murder happened last FRIDAY! It's almost a week ago! What's the point in doing something now?

It was Early Dismissal. Of course, as this was not already a fucking awful day, my Lovely Father forgot to pick me up. So I walked, ran into him as I was crossing Northwest Highway, and got a ride for the rest of the way. Somewhere in there, I decided to count the number of steps I took - I only got to 3825, but I'm estimating that there was probably closer to a thousand more steps than that. Am I strange?

Don't answer that.

I turned down a sucker today. A lollipop. It probably wouldn't have caused more than a point, but, uh, I was attempting to be careful. Am I a loser?

Why do I keep putting in questions?

I did not wear any (obvious) green today... and, yet, nobody even mentioned pinching me. IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I was all prepared to show off my green underwear. :(

I (probably) rappel tomorrow. Eep.
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