March 16th, 2004

no fear

My day gets the grade of 24%.

Good Lord I've had a rotten day.

I get to school at 6:55. I go straight to C210, for my History session.

No one is there. "Oh, shit," I say, and I begin to walk down to the History office, to see if McEvil was there. He wasn't. I turned around, planning to go to the Tech Center, and ran into Karri. "Do we have a History thing today?" we asked each other.

We walked to the Tech Center and back up to the History office, where we ran into McOhGodIHateThisMan. "You two did call the Homework Hotline last night, right? I cancelled the meeting."

Yes, we did. I called at 3:30 and 8:30 - same message for both. So, basically, I was screwed.

Before first period, we had a 45 minute survey. According to Tiffany, it was optional - I was not aware of that, so I wasted 20 minutes filling it out. (Basically, I was generous and said that no one I know has used drugs in the last 30 days. Am I correct in this assumption?)

Then Algebra. And then French, where we won a verb race on default and I took a test I didn't have to (kill me). And then.


Third period, Italian. Sig.ra Bradley called six of us up to her desk - myself, Will, Andrew, Ivan, Liz, and Rosanna - and told us we were going to the Language Lab to take the National Italian Exam. Will and myself were the only people to be aware that we were going to be taking it. I wasn't planning on studying until this weekend. D'OH.

So the listening comprehension went fairly badly (I think I got at least 10/20) and then the reading... oh my dear sweet Jesus, WE HAVE NOT EVEN LEARNED HALF OF THOSE WORDS. I got through question 35, so I have another 45 to do in 40 minutes tomorrow. Oh God I Am Going To Fail (tm). Basically, my plan for the rest of the evening is to studying grammar, review my notes for the year, and attempt to memorize the dictionary in the back of the book. I have a feeling that that will be slightly difficult. I begin at seven.


I made up my Algebra quiz in the Tech Center during fifth. I probably failed, since I forgot everything... and it was only four questions long. I then attempted to study for Italian.

We began rappelling from the bleachers in Outdoor Ed. My group consists of myself, Steve, Alma, Sam, Matt, Willy, and (not that he will do anything) Nick. We only got Matt down, since we forgot how to do everything and sucked ass. Maybe tomorrow. I don't like climbing down that stupid ladder, let alone climbing up.

I have to write a sonnet for English. I got 20/20 on my poem assignment.

I am better at doing math in my head than Alpa is. Haha. We took notes in Chemistry, I understand half-lives, and it's all good. I love that class.

Wow, what a rotten excuse for a day.
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