March 15th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

the almost-17 year old gets annoyed.



"Where the hell do these kids learn this shit?"

So the neighborhood brats were throwing sticks at the windows, just a few minutes ago. Okay, I actually think that they were aiming at the roof - that's what I did when I was around their age. They hit the window with a solid clunk; I, of course, looked out the window to see what happened. Two of them were out there, still throwing things up.

I decided to sit down and wait for another minute or two - if they hit the window again, I would go berate them. Under ten seconds later, they did it again.

I stomped downstairs and yanked open the front door. They were both two houses over, sitting on a doorstep, looking as innocent as the little schmucks they are. "Don't you dare to throw anything up there again, okay?" I yelled at them. "If you do it again, you'll have to pay for it. Alright?" One of them gave a slight nod. "Good." I slammed the door.

They behaved for a good... oh, I don't know, ten minutes or so? They they began yelling at each other (the two quotes at the beginning of this entry). The other quote was what I said out loud, talking to myself.

Now, I've lived in a townhouse for my whole life, but I most definitely did NOT throw sticks at windows. Those little assholes better watch their backs.
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