March 13th, 2004

consider it dug

take a walk with me - mr. sympathy

I woke up at 6:45, got out of the shower at 7:15, and got to school at 7:55. About four pages of notes were taken.

I want school to end.

We went to Books-A-Million, where I got a few books. I also got an ACT prep book - Cracking the ACT. I'm actually thinking about not doing any tests before my first ACT, and doing as many as possible before the second one. I want to see how well this "practicing" thing I hear so much about works.

I looked up when the National Italian Exam is... Wednesday, March 24. Two days after mon anniversaire et during Spring Break.

My parents are planning on dragging me to various colleges over Spring Break. I'm leaning toward Illinois State, U of I, and SIUC. I keep on telling them that I would rather go to Minnesota or UMass, but they refuse to listen. Oh well... maybe during the summer. (Probably not.)

I should go read. Tomorrow will be a hell of a day... History cartooning, Italian studying, etc. I won't have the opportunity to do my reading at any other time.
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