March 12th, 2004


was i born to accommodate?

I'm all about a forked tongue and a dirty house.

I UNDERSTAND THE ALGEBRA. Hallelujah! Quiz on Monday... oh well.

We learned the Passe Simple in French. I took the Italian test during, er, Italian - 96%. Oh well.

History was great. Twelve people, total, were there - we spent the first ten minutes reviewing the social stuff of the 1920s, followed by a good session of McClure answering questions we asked him about anything in general. My questions: favorite musical group/artist, favorite era in history, and "have you ever gotten into a fist fight?" Someone asked him, "From this class, who should I ask to prom?" Haha, that was great.

I paid for the AP tests during lunch (that was a long, complicated task that I would rather not go into detail on). We did the human knot in Outdoor Ed. I turned my poems in during English (Mr. Gray said that he "really liked it". Good.) and read Ulysses - what an excellent book. It's difficult to read (five languages in two pages, for example), and incredibly complicated, but I can really get into it. I can't wait to get past page 50. :\

During Chemistry, we had a speaker from the Navy (who, coincidentally [well, it wasn't that much of a coincidence, since there's a military office there] works across the street), for Nuclear Power. I like Chemistry even more than before, now. We also got our grade print outs - 91%. Woop! Go me!

I came home, slept for about an hour and a half, and began Weight Watching. 28 out of my 30 target points today. I've written about it (and will continue to do so) in my fitness journal... ask for the address.

I need to chug some water.
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