March 11th, 2004

furious angels

all is full of love!

Io non comprendo... Algebra. This should not be a surprise for anyone.

Tomorrow, my only test is in Italiano. I should do fairly well, since I know all of the clothing vocab, and the passe prossimo. Spanish/Romanian speakers: for stating the past, do you have to use a form of the verb that means "have"? En Francais, it's "avoir" (j'ai, tu vas, il/elle/on va, nous avons, vous avez, ils/elles ont). In Italiano, it's "avere" (io ho, tu hai, lui/lei ha, noi abbiamo, voi avete, loro hanno). Explain Spanish to me, please.

History was essentially a slack-off class today. We got a little worksheet for a "lab" that turned out not to be a lab - instead, it was just things to keep in mind while we looked at half a million pictures, spread around the room. Boring.

I can do the rope-thingy really well in Outdoor Ed now. I was talking to Melissa while I was doing it (since I had such trouble learning it - I have trouble multitasking [you pull with your left arm and bring your right arm up, so you can catch the slack of the rope with your left hand, and then drag your right hand down the same rope without twisting it. And then you lock the rope by pulling it next to your waist.), and she joked that since I'm so bad at this, I'll probably end up being fantastic at the actual climbing part. Hmm. I hope so.

Mr. Gray changed the date for when our poem is due! I LOVE THAT MAN. It's due Monday en lieu de demain, which is fantastic. During Chemistry, I wrote my poem (ugh, it sucks). With the next three drafts, I should manage to turn it into something reasonable. In other news, The China Syndrome is a fantastic movie - it reminds me of Foul Play, only not quite as bizarre.

I made my mother drive me over to Walgreens so I could buy a box of Kleenex for Chemistry. Those ten points of extra credit will really help me out (especially after that last quiz... ugh).

I got the thingy back from the ACT people. God dammit, I am pissed off. I got my second choice testing center - Maine East (in the Cafeteria). Anyone else going to be doing the ACT on April 3rd there? Grr. I was planning on walking home... and now I can't. Well, I could, but that's closer to four miles away than just three.

Tomorrow I will be paying for the AP tests. I've decided to definitely take the English Language test, and since the check is already written out for $164, I have to go through with it. Sigh. (Not that I'm against it, of course.) After I pay for that, I'm going to go visit with my counselor to talk about Phys Ed for next year.

During Outdoor Ed today, after the, er, rope thing, I learned how to make a noose. It works, too! I have thoroughly disturbed my father with my excitement at being able to make one. I've tried to toss it around his head several times tonight, but he keeps on dodging me... oh well. Haha, I showed Claire how to make it during English, and she reminded me of how I was planning on going a-lynching a few days ago. Paul was my target, but, uh, yeah. (You don't have to understand this.)

There will be a million people gone from my History and English classes tomorrow, due to the Rube Goldburg thingy. We will definitely get a work day in English, and I'm hoping for one in History. I'm planning on bringing Ulysses with me to school, so I can attempt to read it. Someday I will finish it, I hope...

I believe that that is it.

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