March 10th, 2004

every frequency

our next story begins in the library.

Homework in almost every class. Thankfully, my Chemistry teacher wasn't there (and we were watching The China Syndrome), so I finished my French, Algebra, and Chemistry. I did a lot of work on my stupid English, as well.

English. Good Lord. Three drafts and the final version of a poem on Friday - now, this wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't already painfully immersed in homework as it is. I am so annoyed. Fucking poetry.

Before school, I bought two doughnuts from the Trust Club members. I was walking by, Mr. Gray called me over, and somehow talked me into buying two for a dollar. They were Krispy Kremes, dammit! What else could I have done? (This resulted in four dollars of change clanking around in my pocket through most of the day.)

I kidnapped Kris' bottle of change during Algebra. I wrote all over it (since, as everyone knows, babies don't deserve money - I do!) and he stole it back when I was putting my book away. Bastard. :\

Number of people from my English class with journals (that I have found, at any rate): 6. WTF. I hate to say it, but these people have the most boring lives (and, dammit, I hate finding out that they actually exist outside of school). Ho hum.

Since almost everyone from the English AP thing will be going to U of I on Friday, that session will be tomorrow morning. I'm beginning my new diet tomorrow. Here's to hoping that I lose all the weight that I need to... gulp.
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