March 9th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

choking on the smoke of unthinkable choices

what of the mother whose house is in flames
and both of her children are in their beds crying
and she loves them both with the whole of her heart
but she knows she can only carry one at a time?

63% on my Algebra test. French and Chemistry were both painful.

So we're meeting on Saturday for History. 8-10 AM. Dammit, I really don't want to go... but, not only is it required, but I want my damn 5.

Tomorrow is early-morning-English. And I might just end up paying for my AP tests, if my mother remembers to give me the check.

I had the best idea today. Phys Ed is required in Illinois, right? Well, there's nothing about taking it at the school. You just have to take it. Thus, I have decided to check with Mr. Nagorzanski and see if I could take a class or two at Oakton over the summer, so I can have a free period/take Pre-Calculus. That would be so wonderful.

I hope it works out.

i hope when you look back you're wearing a smile
but chances are you're gonna carry a heartful of fine, fine bitterness
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