March 8th, 2004

no fear

the mud lover in all of you

I give up.

My sleep schedule has been 10/11/12AM to 6AM for the last few years. This year, I've been regularly falling asleep at 12AM, waking up numerous times during the night, and then staying up from five on. I generally drift until six.

Every week until the AP tests, I have three (or more) morning sessions a week, for English and History combined. English: 7AM on Wednesdays and Fridays. History is now 7AM Tuesdays, plus the occasional Saturday session, and whenever we have DBQ/FRQs before school.

Three out of five days a week will require waking up at 5:30. I give up, and I'm not going to waste my time changing my alarm any more. 5:30 it is, then.

The last (officially!) Schol-Bowl meet... regionals, at Notre Dame High School. We were 80 points behind by half-time, got 20 points ahead with 10 questions, and then lost by 50. Oh well. Four of us were there and not able to go in... Steve wasn't even able to sign up. Hmph! Well, that was pointless.

On the bus back, we began to make a list of people who we will be torturing into joining next year. Tiffany spells my first name with three "A"s. :(

My History grade: 77.2%! DO I RULE, OR DO I... NOT? THAT'S RIGHT.

Tomorrow is the French and Chemistry tests. French will be bad, Chemistry will (hopefully...) not be too bad. Today was the Algebra test (ugh I probably failed), and we began the new unit in Outdoor Ed - climbing, repelling, etc. I still can't do that damn knot.

Chua is a poor excuse for an Asian. (Haha, what a great story. He needs to post it in his journal for everyone to read.)

Through most of English (where I read Rime of the Ancient Mariner while the movie played) and Chemistry, I had the worst migraine in existence. It went away after Chemistry, but I'm getting brief flashbacks and feel vaguely dizzy every so often. I should be fine. I hope I didn't catch what Katie and Kris have.

I think that that is it.

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