February 27th, 2004

this is me

to my friend's house, where i get what i need

I should probably rush and post sooner than later, since I'm tired enough to fall asleep the second I hit my pillow tonight, regardless of whether I plan to sleep or not.

AP English isn't really organized that well. Or, to say it bluntly: they have no idea what they're doing. We'll be meeting at 7:00 AM from now on, since so many people have before-school obligations and flap classes. I believe that the best idea would be to have it for maybe one hour a week, after school.

Did horribly on my Algebra test. This is not shocking.

Did horribly [well] on my French test. I was the first one finished... I knew everything. All the forms, all the words, all the vocabulary, all the DRMRSVANDERTRAMPP verbs. It was great. I got a grade sheet for that class: 84.3%. 100% homework grade, 88% participation grade (A!), and... 75% test grade. Oops. I hope this new test will raise my grade significantly... I think I can pull an A for the semester. :)

100% on the Italian test, though I nearly didn't get it - I got confused on the first translation and put "miei" in place of "mie," but I changed it at the last minute. Whew!

I have taken approximately five pages of notes in History over the last few days... in small handwriting, with college ruled paper. That's a lot of notes. I went over the last quiz during lunch, and got a point back! I chatted with McSpoon for a few minutes afterward, about how I've been doing (better), my study habits (existing), and what we'll be doing over the last few weeks, after the AP test (nothing).

Outdoor Ed... we made a few more attempts, didn't make it across, gave up and the class collectively decided to put it off for a few days/weeks/months. Fine by me. I need to find some quotes.

English was lame.

Chemistry was sad, depressing, and disturbing - all rolled into a tiny bundle of :(. We watched a video to start our new unit, Nuclear, and it was about Chernobyl. It showed kids with cancer, diseased people... and this little boy who was taken off life support because he was going to die anyway. It was incredibly depressing. (This is reason number 4529 on why Adam should not become a doctor.)

I walked home. My CD player skipped. It was warm. I am exhausted. I've decided to begin chugging eight cups of water each day again, to get fit. I almost have four done.

I am tired. I need sleep. Thank God school is over this week. I don't think I could last another day.
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