February 26th, 2004

this is me

frankenstein, exercise, good grades and eggs

Survivor tonight? FANTASTIC. I was expecting Gerri to go before the show, Colby to go during the vote-Rich-off fiasco, and I never actually imagined that RICH would go. Haha! About time, sucker!

We switched seats in Chemistry today - my lab group is now Sofia and Alpa. We had a "team-building" day which involved building an egg catcher out of 25 straws and 35 centimeters of tape. Our basket, the Spike-Lee, broke from the ceiling... nobody's catcher made it to the rotunda. :(

Also in Chemistry... we got grade print-outs, with our grades from the test yesterday. OMFG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA I KICK CHEMISTRY'S ASS. I was one of the last people to get their grade sheets, and everyone who got theirs before me were talking about how they did bad on the test. Most of the people I listened to got about 180ish on their tests.

I got mine back. 237/264. I was stunned! My grade in the class is now 91.3%, which is fantastic. I went up 5% since midterms. Hot damn!

I finished my Frankenstein imitation story. It's supposed to be in the style of Mary Shelley, but I think it's in the style of, well, crap. It is exactly five pages long. I was going to post it in my journal (right here, actually) but it will take forever to format... so I will just link it. Enjoy.

I'll be walking home tomorrow... plus, I have a 7:00 AP English session. I'm leaning toward listening to Kylie again... maybe this time the CD will actually play all the way through. That reminds me: I need to switch batteries.

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