February 25th, 2004

furious angels

my frankenstein imitation SUCKS ASS

The before school AP session... eh. I got 14/27 on the MC right, which isn't that great. However, not all that many people did much better. We'll be having another morning session on Friday, but at 7:00 instead of 7:15.

Still don't understand long division, and I need to to be able to pass (hah) the quiz on Friday. Chances of that happening? Zilch.

New grammar in French. We got back our test from last week - 36/50. C. Not the best, but considering how I totally bombed le plus-que-parfait, well, that's not bad.

One of my main problems in Italian is that the teacher overreacts. A lot. She picks favorites and whenever there is the slightest murmur in the room, she yells at the people she really dislikes - namely, Mike. I don't really get that. (We keep on learning more and more vocabulary... I kind of dislike the class, since there's this never-ending cycle of piling new things down on us, but I'm learning to deal with that.)

I have to pay for the English Language and US History exams sometime soon. I also need to send in the ACT registration stuff. I should probably go vegetarian. You know.

I studied for my Chemistry test during lunch.

Outdoor Ed was more of the attempting-to-cross-the-gym. I definitely have the worst balance of, well, everyone. Israel made me go today (and I only got us one strike, haha!) and we almost made it the whole way across (well, it seemed like it) when we had to start over. Hmph. Our class just isn't meshing very well with this activity. I'm hoping that we won't accomplish it tomorrow and we can get on to something new.

English was boring. As usual.

The Chemistry test... oh my dear sweet Jesus, that was excruciating. I was dying. I couldn't remember half a dozen things, and the other five dozen was, well, shitty. I know I did the PV=nRT, P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2 problems right, but who the hell knows about the rest? Ugh. The ACT questions were a pain in the ass to answer, as well.

I walked home. My Kylie Minogue CD began to skip fairly early on, and I barely got to listen to most of the songs before the battery gave out. I'm thinking that I will force my father to drive me home tomorrow, and I will walk again on Friday. However, that might not work, since I will probably be in need of sleep. Whatever.

I need to go exercise.
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