February 24th, 2004

consider it dug

porn in realplayer :(

In Algebra, we got back our quizzes from yesterday. Mrs. Michaels said that the average was about 11+, so I was fully expecting 5. I got 14/15, which was quite wonderful - the only thing I got wrong was a mistake with the signs.

It's Mardi Gras today, so we celebrated in French. We made masks (third year in a row, third awful mask made) and ate King's Cake. It was fun. We got beads due to that, which resulted in a number of comments from people asking who I flashed for it. (...beyond the obvious, it was Alma.)

It seems like we're spending more time in History joking around than actually learning, recently. I think McSatan is making up for his absences from last week. We got back our cartoon assessment (37/40!) and our test on Imperialism, which I didn't understand anything for (25/35!) I'm doing surprisingly well this semester. I DID NOT SAY THAT. YOU DID NOT READ THAT.

During lunch, I beat my all-time reading record, since I wanted to finish Frankenstein up. I began during 5b... in 20 or so minutes, I read 100 pages. That's right. I did a lot of skimming, but I know what happened, and I still don't like that damn book. Come on, interesting unit! I'm waiting for you!

Outdoor Ed... I have awful balance. I mean, my sense of balance is worse than Nick's or even Steve's (when he's blindfolded, at any rate). I was grabbing on to Greg's shoulder... and we didn't go anywhere, since we got three strikes. I'm just praying that we will manage to finish this thing up before I go insane.

In English, we had an in-class essay. The thing was, we were (supposed) to have not gotten the question before class - however, yesterday, Mr. Gray gave us a preparatory question to review. I did that, got the question page... and it was almost exactly the same thing. I covered that paper with notes (taking about 15 minutes) and spent the rest of the time writing... and writing... and writing. I wrote two and a half pages, which is the most I have ever written on an in-class essay. I think it was pretty damn good, but I probably failed.

I got 233/233 on my Chemistry binder, I get pH levels, and I absolutely suck at this unit. We have a test tomorrow, which I am dreading, but I will deal with it and pray that I won't fail. :(

Schol-Bowl started quite late today, and, what a shocker! We lost - 215-235. Waukegan had three people on Varsity, and they still won. I knew several answers... when I wasn't up there. Before the meet, we did a brief practice, where I was reading the questions. We had one math question that nobody really understood... but then Bubba came up, solved it, and explained it to me. I was lost, but hey! At least I know derivatives now! (Now, if I could only understand that goddamn long division...)

Before the meet, Steve and I randomly walked around. We stopped by the Italian Club meeting, where we chatted with Kris and Frank. Frank cheered us on (or, er, was annoyed by it all). Steve was adopted from JV. Haha.

That would be that, I guess. I'm going to walk home from school tomorrow (newest Kylie Minogue CD or... maybe Dido). I have an early session for AP English... 7:15. I am tired. I need to study up on the vocabulary for the next chapter in Italian. I really need to actually write the Frankenstein imitation. I've barely even gotten started. I hate Frankenstein. I'm thinking that I will change the last chapter so that Frankenstein and the monster aren't actually standing next to each other, to prove that the monster is actually just part of Frankenstein's mind. (Just a tiny hypothesis I have...)

That is that.
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