February 20th, 2004


salla da bagno/salle de bains

As usual, I walked into Italian a few minutes early. As it is my third period class, with French (approximately four rooms down and across the hall from Italian) being second period, even using the washroom doesn't waste much time.

So I walked in, set down my backpack... and Sig.ra Bradley called me to her desk. "Adam, I want to see you taking the National Italian Exam in the spring, okay? It's a hard test, but I think you could place, since you also have knowledge in French. You will need to read forward some in the book."

"Um, okay. What chapter should I read through?"

"Chapter six."

We are in the middle of chapter four. The book is twenty chapters long. I have decided to work my way through chapter seven (or farther), just in case - after all, if I place nationally, I would look bloody fantastic to colleges. Fantastic. Plus, doing better than Will... that's always fun.

Only about five people will be asked from my class to take the exam. Since I got the second highest grade in the class first semester (plus the second highest grade on the final [without studying!]), I probably won't do too horribly. I hope.

Beyond that, I got a 97% on my Italian test today. Stupid "quale".

I have so many upcoming tests. Italian, April 3rd ACT, the other ACT (and the Illinois achievement thing), AP US History, AP English Language. I should probably begin to study.

I am tired. I watched Comedy Central for about forty minutes before falling asleep... and then my mother came in to tell me I could use the computer. Hmph. During Chemistry, I got so tired that if I closed my eyes, I would have fallen asleep. That never happens. At least my notes kept me awake.

After school, Kris was feeling kind of antsy. "Do you want to do something? I don't want to bored again," he said.


So we went bowling. Yes, he works at a bowling alley (New Brunswick), so we got to pay using his employee discount - $1.00, total. Hot stuff. He won both games, but I got 58 points in the first game, and 94 in the second. I was ahead/tied with him throughout the second game - I got two strikes, though not in a row. Not the best, but I was doing pretty darn good. I need to bowl more often.

According to the substitute, the APUSH class needs to read The Jungle this weekend. Uh, that is not happening. I have to write my English story (I'm thinking that it will be of someone who sews together a psychotic doll... hmm), finish Frankenstein (I read about 50 pages while everyone was going over the similarities today), and try to rest up to get through the next week.

In Outdoor Ed, we had blindfolds on, walked from B-Wing to A-Wing, and did a maze... blindfolded. It wasn't that bad - it wasn't that I knew what was happening, but I wasn't freaking out or anything. However, apparently, we did really bad [?] and Divo began yelling at us. I still feel bad for Matt, who I thought did a fine job at getting us going... though I was at the end of the line. Whatever.

That was my day, in a nutshell.
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