February 19th, 2004

this is me

hard tiiiiimes

MCEVIL WAS GONE TODAY! YAHOO! We watched a movie and, um, sat around. You know how there is that stereotype where the "popular" people (and "jocks") are generally stupid? That is definitely not true - I wouldn't call anyone in my History class unpopular (just unnoticed), and pretty much everyone plays some sport (except, of course, me). Is Maine West crazy, or is it just me?

AP English thing... looks interesting. Unfortunately, the meeting next week is on the same day as an early session for History. Dammit. Stupid History.

Does anyone know how to solve the equation f(x)=lne? I need to solve it using random points, graph it, and pray that I get the points for it. Algebra test corrections... joy.

Apparently, the French room had some sort of a bad scent in it today, so we had to go to the language lab instead. I can vouch for it, since I was able to smell it in homeroom, next door. It's something to do with the heat or air, according to Mrs. Rozanski. The French test was awful, as always. According to the seniors (Diane, Malissa, Amy, etc), French 4 seems easier than French 3 was, for whatever reason. While it might be because they're actually used to everything, the fact that they were using the second half of the book might be why. Hm.

I'm probably going to end up walking home tomorrow. I'm going to inform my father that unless it is raining right when he plans to leave the house, I'll walk. I'm not much in the mood to walk through the rain, you know? (Plus, who knows what would happen with my CD player!)

I'm still not sure how I feel about my lunch period switching from first to second semester. I liked it last semester, where I got to socialize with everyone, but now I do very little socializing and a heck of a lot of work. Whether that is good or bad, I don't know... but it's something.

I have a pimple that is refusing to properly burst. I must go stare at it in the mirror and prod at it some.

(Rob C. went on Survivor! Haha! About time! Up with Colby, Ethan, Lex, and Shii-Ann, dammit! Down with irritating people!)
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