February 18th, 2004

this is me

where i am forms of oxygen.

I am Ozone, Oxygen Gas, and Oxygen. That essentially describes my day.

DBQ: painful. It was on the Populist Party, and I did so bad. I kept on stopping and attempting to think up random sentences to put in. I don't know anything on the Populists. Just wait - the AP test will have this as a DBQ.

Still don't understand Algebra (damn).

I got the problems in Reprise right for French, but I still don't understand le plus-que-parfait and le futur anterieur. Grr. Why can't I just become fluent already?

Blahblah more random Italian worksheets. I know -ire verbs, I want to work more on the damn vocabulary.

History: districtwide Cartoon Assessment. I... probably did not do well. I am doing so bad in this class; why do I bother? Why the hell did I sign up for AP Euro next year? I'm probably going to get a 1 on this goddamn test and grrgrrgrrrrr.

I paid for the funnel during lunch. And did homework.

Outdoor Ed... ugh. I really want to do this fall from the bleachers, but when I get halfway ready to volunteer for it, I stop myself. I don't know why. I know I can do it, and I know I can do it well, but I just have problems with height. Plus, there's that whole oh-God-I-weigh-too-much thing. Thus, no one will catch me.

English - vocab test. I barely studied for it and I was the first person done. I don't really know why that happened; it's sort of like, well, I read the sentence and the words for it, and I just know what would go best there. I discovered that Claire hasn't read Frankenstein since chapter five... I quit reading after chapter eight. Everyone's loving the book, but I can't get into it. Hell, I can't get in to much of anything lately. I need something to pull me out of this funk.

Chemistry was where I was O3, O2, and O. And we went on a ten minute tangent where Jamie began talking about her dog's cataracts, then how it died. Then Mrs. Ryken commented on comparing wood coffins to newer coffins (the people would be big bags of liquid). Then Carlos asked about cryogenics... and Maggie thought we were talking about coming back to life after dying. And then she [Maggie] began to talk about haunting. And that led to Jamie again, discussing how she wanted to haunt people after she dies... and how she had a list with the people she wanted to haunt. That led back to a debate between coffins and cremation, and then we finished up the Ozone unit. Wow... what an eventful ten minutes.

I walked home from school. It only took me about 50-55 minutes. I listened to Manau (my CD player kept on skipping), my feet got wet, I slid on a lot of ice. It was nifty.

I just finished watching Angel (okay, a half hour ago). That was a disgustingly pathetic episode... and, yet, I died laughing. "Pluck and courage!"

I should go do my homework. Or, even better: I should get my worksheets and books and all that, sit down with them, and stare at the walls. What an excellent idea! I think I will do just that!

AP English thing tomorrow morning. Ho hum.
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