February 17th, 2004

this is me

"hello" is an interjection

In French, we learned "le plu-parfait" and the "futur anterieur". I think I actually understand them, which is, of course, very relieving.

History quiz. I think I did reasonably well on half of it, but I did awful on the rest. Of course. I got my Voice of Democracy certificate (lame) after class, and forgot my graded Industrialization study guide underneath my desk. Oops.

In English, Mr. Gray told us about the AP English Language test today... and asked the people who would consider doing it (or going to the meeting on Thursday) to raise their hands. Two people out of 27 raised their hands. I was one of them, of course. Maybe I'm just obsessive...? We also played "vocabulary baseball." I get "verdure" (green vegetation) wrong, but I got "procure" (to obtain) correct.

Chemistry. Oh boy.

We did a lab today. I was in the heat of it, since my group isn't very, er, good. Zac doesn't even care anymore, since he's a senior and already accepted by a college, and Alfonso just sort of bugs people. So we had to heat the flask by holding the candle under the funnel, right? I picked the funnel up by the stopper, so I wouldn't get burned... and it fell to the desk. And broke. Basically, the funnel wasn't firmly in place (so it wasn't my fault!) I still have to pay for it. 60 cents. Oh well.

And thenthenthen. We had to finish the lab and turn it in before class ended... we finished the actual lab portion a minute or two before the bell rang. Zac and Alfonso both had to go to catch the bus when the bell rang, so I stayed behind to finish mine up (so I would at least get full points). I probably did awfully, but I didn't have to do the errors or the conclusion, so it's all good. At least Mrs. Ryken knows that I am responsible (not to mention the 'fessing up to the funnel). Good grades = mine.

Schol-Bowl: six people showed up. I was on a roll for the first question (three right in a row!), but then I sucked and got "Senegal" right a few questions later. And that was all.

As I waited with Kris for my father to come, we got into a slight, er, snowball fight. Partially inside the school. You see, I was inside, and he was outside, and we were just throwing snow at each other. After a few minutes of that, a janitor came and yelled at us [me], to "sweep it outside". First of all, buddy, there was barely ANY snow inside - and what there was was on the carpet. The same carpet meant for wiping snow on.

Oh well.

Tomorrow: 6:30 DBQ, History cartoon assessment, English vocab test.
Thursday: 7:15 AP meeting, French quiz, Chemistry quiz.
Friday: Italian test.

I think I will walk home tomorrow and Friday. I should probably check accuweather first, though, just in case it decides to snow or rain or ice or something. In fact, I think I will go do that.

I forgot to add this earlier (about 20 minutes ago), so let me talk about Outdoor Ed briefly.

We're taking the "trust" thing a bit further. Today I fell backwards off the table... and tomorrow, I will probably fall off the bleachers. It really isn't that bad - I like the people, I don't worry about it. It's nifty. I was one of the main members of the "zipper" today; when people fell, I helped catch their upper torsos. Do you know how heavy a torso is? Very. I feel proud, though, that I managed not to drop anyone.

I strongly advise all of you to take this class. Screw Aerobics, or Strength Training, or whatever - take Outdoor Ed.
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