February 15th, 2004

no fear

un type bien

The rumor on the street is that I look suspiciously similar to the drummer of The Junior Varsity. Okay, actually, I'll admit it: Margaret was the one to make the comparison (a few weeks ago), but I thought it was nifty. I mean, that's the first comparison I have ever had.

And no, I don't look like him. Beyond the plump thing. I'd do a picture comparing us, but I'm too lazy.

Si je brule mon coeur.

"Janet Reno has no ego when devoured by the id."

One of my bigger nightmares is that I am suddenly unable to speak in one language, but I almost create my own language by mixing all of the ones I know up. Yes, that was confusing. I have Italian in one part of my brain and French in another, and nevertheless, I still occasionally think in French when speaking Italian... or vice versa.

And then there are the occasions where I'm in a completely English situation (say, History), and I go into foreign language-mode. In place of "with" or "w/", I write "avec"; in place of "the", I write "la/le/les". It's vaguely disturbing.

No matter how much I love my languages, I really hope I don't lose myself in them one day.

(Most likely, nobody really knows/cares what I'm talking about... but it's always possible.)
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