February 11th, 2004

this is me

senior year schedule & distressing quotes

My plan this morning was to make up my Algebra test during my free period, but then... I got a pass to see my counselor for registration, during 5B. Oh well. I'll make it up tomorrow, then. *dread*

He put me down for the following classes:
French 4
Italian 2
Physics 2
Biology 2 AP
Government/Democracy Acc
European History AP
English 4 AP
Aerobics/Senior Lifetime & Wellness

He told me that with the classes I'll be taking, there will almost definitely be some sort of a conflict. After all, French, Italian, and Euro will be available one period; English (supposedly) and Bio will be available two periods; Government will be three periods; and the others will be however many. The classes I'm most willing to drop (in place of a different class) would be Government (since Euro would take the place of the government requirement) and Italian. Ho hum.

He also mentioned that out of all of his students, I am the only one with a GPA that is exactly on a .0000 - 3.0000, in my case. Hee. :)

I'm so excited! No math next year! Then again, knowing my luck, some class won't work out and I'll have to take Pre-Calculus or something equally as painful. Actually, I probably should have signed up for it anyway, since I've been doing so much contemplating about my future and... Chemistry. That's right. You read correctly. (More will probably come within a few weeks, so stay tuned.)

In Outdoor Ed, we played a trust game - fall forwards and let the people in your circle push you around, while you have your eyes closed. I did it and everyone was surprised with how will I did - I was dreading it at first, but it really wasn't that bad. I began to mess up when Steve [evil Steve, not LJ Steve] said, "Aww, how cute! He's asleep!" That set everyone off, resulting in me opening my eyes and oh well.

McEvil mentioned today that the History test is on Friday. Holy shit. I haven't done any of the reading in this unit since the first assignment. I am screwed, with a capital F.

I am now going to go eat and/or weep. In the mean time, enjoy your day with some nice quotes from Adam's-History-Class-Of-DOOM!!!!!1

"I keep tabs on Regis." [after McC mentioned how his father asked him to be his lifeline on that Millionaire show]

"I helped to bring them into the world... and I can help take them out."
"*nervous laughter from the class*" [referring to his daughters when questioning him]
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