February 10th, 2004

consider it dug

yes, i am ticklish

"Why wear a watch when you have a sundial?"

During homeroom, we went to the CRC (career resource center), where the career counselor talked to us. I came to the conclusion that I don't really like her, and I think I will be taking the April 3 ACT (as well as the April 28 testing thing) and the SATs. Just because I'm a masochist like that.

I got to French a tad late (er, 15 minutes late). I wrote my sentence on the board, and though my conditional was incorrect, I was able to figure out "se souvenir" (to remember; se souviendriez-vous, in that case).

During 5A, I made up my Italian test from last Friday. I knew the verb forms, I knew the verb meanings, but I just couldn't figure them out on the test. Dammit.

In Outdoor Ed, we got into pairs and played this "camera" game; one person led the other person as they had their eyes closed, and occasionally made them open their eyes to take a "picture". My partner for that was Dounia. Our second game was this pseudo-car game, where we got into pairs based on initials. My new partner was Alma (also in my French class); we figured out a system for turning and stopping, based on whistles. That was great. The problem with both games was that I can't freaking keep my eyes closed; I can close them, but I have to peek. I think it's because I need to have control of every situation I get into, and that's just my way of coping... but I'm probably wrong.

Chemistry was fun. I did most of my homework while we were taking notes, so that left a very small amount of homework for me to do.

After school, I went to make up that History video. On the window of the class, there was a big sign "ADAM" and the worksheet, both taped onto it. I did the worksheet and decided to tape them back up on the window with "MR. MCCLURE", but I couldn't find tape. Thus, I stuck it on Mr. McClure's desk... I hope. Oh well.

I walk out to the car and discover that Kris and Katie were there, waiting for me. Oops. I felt so bad (and I still do feel bad) that they had waited for an hour before being able to get home, due to me. Ugh. I will be apologizing like mad tomorrow.

I talked to Alma before Outdoor Ed and asked her about whether she was taking French 4 next year... she said that she signed up for it, but has decided not to take it. That means that from French 3, only me and Kevin will be going on to French 4. That is sad. I am the only person from my French 1 class of 28 people who has actually stuck with it, all four years. Jesus. :\
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