February 7th, 2004


i am rotund, unfortunately.

*slowly expands*

In other news, I really hate it when people take me off their friends lists without telling me. It kind of hurts, you know? I've spent some good minutes of my life reading your entries, and you have the nerve to take me off!

Then again, I'm not really into this journal-writing-thing for the friends. If I was, I would have added a million people to my friends list and commented on every bloody entry that anyone has ever even thought about posting. Instead, I comment on one out of thirty entries. Seriously. I've counted.

An excuse I use to eat more food: "I'm fat." That's right. Because I want to eat more, I just tell myself, "I'm fat," and I feel fine. What the hell? I should really be telling myself, "You're thin! You're getting thinner! Don't eat, you daft schmuck!" But no, I admit that I'm fat and I eateateat. Sometimes I wish I was anorexic, despite all of the bad parts of it. I want to be thin. It just isn't happening.

I had this crazy thought a few days ago - maybe, during the summer, I could run. I live in a neighborhood with sidewalks and not-too-busy streets. I love running and walking. So why can't I run? I could get up at, like, six, run, and come back home to shower and possibly sleep. It would be great. I could show up at school next year a million pounds thinner (give or take a few thousand) and people would ask me, "Adam, what on earth did you do? You look fantastic! *molests* *touches* *touches sexually*"

Haha like that will happen. I'll be at a normal weight in about 100 pounds or so, and I'll be fine with seeing the number "1" on my scale again. Maybe as the first number. Hell, the second number would be nice, as well.

While watching the Travel Channel today, as I attempted not to suffocate on my mucus, I came upon the conclusion that yes, I want to run away and join a circus. I could be the hobo clown, and my name would be Bob. Just because.

Apparently, my grandfather (as well as having led the most exotic life of anyone I know) once ran away and joined a circus. Seriously. Obviously, he came back, but that's pretty damn awesome. He also briefly moved to Alaska, where he lived with some guy in a shack in the middle of nowhere, but he got tired of that. He's been everywhere - he was a pilot in WW2, so he was all over the damn world. My favorite story of his is when he was in Egypt. There was a corner where you could stand on and literally hear another language each minute. Isn't that great? I wish I got to experience that.

I should probably stop babbling and eating these wonderful Fruit & Creme Starbursts, and go exercise (snort) or something. Haha. Me? Exercise? I should shut up and go away. I will.
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