February 3rd, 2004

this is me

kind of groovy

Mrs. Ryken accepted my sources! Yahoo! (I haven't actually mentioned this directly in my journal, but I couldn't help but be happy. Hee.)

History Free Response Question today. It took up the entire period, strangely enough, and I did particularly pathetic on it. I really should fling myself off a tall building, just to make sure I don't kill myself first.

Tiffany and Kris forced me to go to Schol-Bowl after school today. So I went. And I got four questions right. (Guernica! Well, not really, but you know...) And life was good.

Tomorrow is an early dismissal day, but we have the rescheduled New Trier meet, so I'll be staying late. I have to work on my History lab somehow or another, and that is as good a way as any.

I think I might die before the year is out. I've been so tired lately... falling asleep every time I lay down, practically collapsing the second I walk in the door. Every time I have to pull my shoes on, I feel like I'm being dragged to hell. I'm just so tired. If second semester has barely begun and I'm already like this, how the hell will I make it until June? How the hell will I make it through next year?

I don't know how, but I'll probably find a way. I usually do.

McC hasn't posted the syllabus yet, so I'm not going to bother calling the homework hotline. I'll just say that he didn't update, so I didn't do the work he assigned. Bastard.

I like this song.

sometimes i feel so insecure
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