February 2nd, 2004

this is me

takes you by surprise

I ran into Shannon today, said "Sorry, but no," and that was that.

I had a frighteningly easy History test today. 40 questions in 20 minutes - and I was the second person done, with about five minutes (or more) remaining. I failed, no doubt about it.

During lunch, I spent about 10 minutes writing down more information for the industrialization lab, went to the Caf, and did random other homework. I'm tempted to bring Ulysses with me tomorrow, just so I can make sure that I can safely avoid boredom. Then again, I have a ton of stuff to read in Frankenstein, so I don't know.

It's kind of weird to realize that it's actually February. I've decided to do the best I possibly can in all of my classes this semester, since this is the last semester colleges will see. I think I can pull the same grades I got last semester, with a possible A in French, depending on how hard I work.

Tomorrow is an FRQ in History. *excited* Oh, goody! I get to write all about how life changed for the better or worse for people during that there period of time we studied! (Planned topics: Chinese Exclusion Act, anti-immigration stuff, social classes drastically varying and changing, bad jobs [bad pay, depression, etc]... more... you know.) In case you weren't aware, I'm going for "worse", since I can only think of labor unions and better products for "better". Oh well.

they laid her in the ground
she still comes around
a love that never dies takes you by surprise
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