January 29th, 2004

this is me

it's not going to stop

Mr. Forgetful forgot my final again. He immediately said, "If I don't remember it tomorrow, you'll get a grade higher." I still don't know whether he was referring to my grade in the class or on the final, though at the time, it sounded like he was referring to the semester grade. Hee.

In Algebra, we had a quiz over the logarithm stuff. I was the second person done (and I did it all, double checked, and did the extra credit page, too). I think I did reasonably well on it. Woo!

For the second day in a row, I climbed into my bed at about 4:20 and took an hour and a half long nap. Wow, I've been tired lately. I think I will probably end up going to bed quite early tomorrow night, if today was any indicator.

I have been at the point where I have had nothing better to do than read articles on MSNBC and CNN, so I think I will try to begin The Magnificent Ambersons. I meant to start it 20 minutes ago, but I got side-tracked.

I finished up my Chemistry paper, and I think it's fairly good. Exactly two pages long, nice citings, good research. I want more wiggle room this semester, so I'm aiming for 95% in the class. Ho hum.

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What a great article. If you skipped reading it, you totally missed out. :(
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