January 27th, 2004

this is me

the white man is satan

From some TV show:
"You have the knack of bringing the worst out of people."
"It's genetic."

Fifth period, I began my Chemistry final. I began about five minutes into the period... and got 94 questions in within 40 minutes. The other eight were done during eighth period, but I want to go into detail before I describe that.

So I got my final, read the front of the sheet, and discovered that I needed a Scantron. Okay. The problem with that was that there was no Scantron. Thus, I circled my answers in the booklet. One of the questions had an answer of 05, and I wasn't sure of what it was supposed to be - 50, 05, 0.5, .05. My answer was 0.49, so I circled 05 and waited for Chemistry.

Chemistry came along, I was the first to finish my graphs in the class (easy), and I asked Mrs. Ryken about that question. About five minutes later, she brought it over, asked me to find it, and I showed it to her. She told me that it was 0.5. I then asked if it was supposed to have been done on a Scantron... yes. She brought a Scantron over, I asked if I could finish it (since I had finished my graphs), and tada! Done within fifteen minutes.

It took me 10 minutes to bubble in those 100 answers. Talking about hand cramps...

With any luck, I'll pull my A. I should, since I only got confused on approximately 10 questions. Oh well.

In Outdoor Ed, we had our name test (I forgot Sam's food name... I think it's strawberry, but I'm not certain. Steve? Do you remember?), got our secret admirers (heh heh), and played a lie/truth game. I like that class, so far. Divo is great.

It snowed like the dickens this morning, I swear to God. I was expecting a snow day, but, of course, it didn't happen. Then again, we never get snow days - just days off for ice or cold. Ugh. We left the house at 7:25 and I entered Algebra at 7:59, having walked in the front door at 7:58. What awful weather. The road conditions were pathetic.

No clue on my History grade. If Senor Devil doesn't give it back by the end of class tomorrow, I'll ask. Possible results:
1) "I'm sorry, Adam, but your grade was so bad that you failed the class. Please commit suicide. Thank you."
2) "I'm sorry, Adam, but I haven't had time to grade your final yet. Sorry, but it's been a hectic week."
3) "I'm sorry, Adam, but you suck. Get the hell out of my class."
4) "I'm sorry, Adam, but you failed miserably! However, you still passed. With -.04% to spare."
5) "I'm sorry, Adam."

What was quite possibly the worst, or best, part of the day: I ran into Shannon after school. "Adam, would you like to go to Girl's Choice with me?"

(Oh God I knew this was happening dammit she'll hate me if I say no but I don't want to go kill me kill me killlll meeeee) "Let me think about it, okay?"

"Okay! See you tomorrow."

Ugh pathetic.
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