January 23rd, 2004


a stitch in time saves nine

From a fanfic:

Fred put his arm around Harry's shoulder. "Harry, you're more than just a friend and business partner. You're like the brother we never had."

"Fred, we have four brothers," George pointed out.

"Okay, you're like the brother we should have had," Fred added. "Percy is definitely a wanker, Charlie's never around, Bill's totally focused on shagging, and now Ron's gone 'round the bend."


I was recommended for Biology AP. I didn't study for an Italian test and got the highest grade in my group. In Outdoor Ed, I was number four in the class twice, since everyone ignored me.

I should have gone to bed several hours ago.

I missed 10 questions on the practice English ACT, resulting in a 28.

I understand logarithms.

My life is boring.
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