January 22nd, 2004

this is me

one hour of news

"Someone could fill in all C's and still get a 15 on the ACT."
"Is that how you got your job?"
- Mr. Gray and Leif

"It may not be a gender-specific paperclip..."
- Mr. McClure, discussing industrialization.

Homeroom was half an hour long today, due to filling out what classes we are going to take next year. I was appalled to find out that I wasn't recommended for AP European History (despite Mr. McClure telling me I was), so I put down Spanish 1 instead. After second period, I talked to Tiffany... and found out that I wasn't the only person who was short-changed. Oh well. I'll talk to my counselor about AP Euro and AP Biology in a few weeks.

Oh, and guess what? Sig.ra Bradley didn't recommend me for Italian 2 Accel, which, as we all know, is a bunch of BULLSHIIIIT. Apparently, she didn't recommend anyone for it - including Will, who is in 1 Acc. She doesn't "believe" in it. What the fuck ever. Well, at least it's an easy A.

During lunch, I did my History reading, since I got 3/5 right on a pop quiz in class today. Now, considering how this is the first pop quiz we've had, and I didn't do the reading, that's not too bad. I am going to kick ass in all of my classes this semester, I swear to God. Just watch me.

Well, I think I'll probably end up skimping on that "kicking ass", since I have two tests tomorrow that I didn't study for. What's new?

Also, during lunch, I bought the last copy [that they knew they had, at any rate] of Preparing for the ACT English and Reading at the bookstore. Haha suckers. I don't get why we have to waste $14 on something which I don't really care about anyway, but whatever.

I'm going to go wallow. Ciao.
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