January 21st, 2004

this is me

smile like cigarettes


French: 84%. Second highest grade in French 3. B.
Italian: 95%. Second highest grade in Italian 1, right behind the kid in Italian 1 Acc, who has 96%. I got 89% on my final (without studying), which is also the second highest in the class. A.
English: 45/50 on my essay (not bad, since I was barely coherent), and 0/20 on the worksheet. Thus, 45/70. I ran into Mr. Gray before lunch and talked to him about it - he averaged my grades together and I ended up with an A for the semester, even after I did so poorly on my final, so I don't have to do any make up. A.
Chemistry: 77% without the final. I need to get 75/100 problems right on the final to keep my A... I think I can do it.

My day, my day, my day.

We changed seats in French - basically, we just flipped sides of the room. Instead of being behind Diane and to the right of Margaret, I'm in front of Diane and to the left of Margaret. Katie is on my other side. If Joe dropped the class like I think he did, then I'm the only guy on that side of the room.

Italian was... easy. To say the least.

We've begun the Industrial Revolution in History. I'm finding it quite interesting, actually. According to the syllabus, we have two/three discussions coming up, which I am, of course, dreading.

At lunch, I sat with Katie and Pat. Um, Katie K., that is. The other Katie I mentioned in this entry is Katie E.

Outdoor Ed... well. Well. It's certainly not that bad of a class (so far)... we have about 25 people in it, and just a few girls. Alma, from French, is there, as is Steve, Kamil, Greg and Kyle. We played various name games today. I am Adam Apple, just so you're aware.

So I need to buy an ACT prep book for English by seventh period tomorrow. And I need to write a two paged, double spaced research paper on Asbestos for Chemistry.

After school... History final.

I kicked that motherfucker's ass. Lyke wo. No, seriously; the 80 questions in 55 minutes part was simple (I finished it in 45 minutes). The FRQ was on the effect expansion had on America from 1800-1860. I brainstormed for five minutes and wrote the rest in 30 minutes, and I did so well. I wrote about everything I wanted to (Manifest Destiny, growing population, Land Ordinance, Northwest Ordinance, Proclamation of 1763) and it turned out good. Real good.

I think I might get a C in History. If not, well, I'm going to yank out my ~5% extra credit that Mr. McClure still hasn't added in. I'm not going to be defeated, dammit. It's not happening. Not by history.

And that was my day.
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