January 15th, 2004

this is me

bon nuit, lune

Let's see.

I barely slept straight through the night, which sucked. I woke up approximately a thousand times. I was either too warm, or too cold, or too uncomfortable, or I had to use the washroom... yada yada.

I woke up and stayed up for good at about seven, when my mother called Mr. McClure and Mrs. Ryken about when I would be able to make up their finals. I'll be doing History after school on Tuesday, and Chemistry will occur anytime during third quarter.

I was tired of only drinking diet 7-Up, so my mother cooked up some chicken and beef broth sometime this morning. It was okay. I had some chicken noodle soup at about 2:30 this afternoon (and almost threw up) and some crackers and applesauce about half an hour ago. I hope I can keep it all down.

My neck is incredibly sore. I don't get it - it just began sometime this morning, and has been getting steadily worse. I can't turn or nod my head without severe pain. I hope it isn't something serious.

You won't believe how jealous I am of my parents. They're eating fantastic smelling foods and I just want to eat some but I can't because I definitely wouldn't be able to keep it down. Well, to be honest, my mother is sort of fasting along with me. My father, on the other hand, had a bowl of Egg Drop Soup, as well as a Polish Sausage. Mmm I want me some of that.

I have done so much fantasizing about food today that it's sort of scary. Here's to feeling better by tomorrow... I should go to bed.

I've lost ten pounds in the last few days. Maybe I should do this getting sick thing more often.
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