January 14th, 2004

this is me

the best day i have ever had

Warning: this entry is distressing, disgusting, and disturbing. I don't care.

This morning, I was having some stomach aches. I had diarrhea twice before school, my nose was stuffed up, and I was feeling rotten. Okay.

I went to school, stomach hurting, head throbbing. Katie sat down next to me for a few minutes, where she tickled me, etc - the stuff she normally does. I asked her not to do so a few times, but when I'm sick, I just don't speak loudly. Actually, I never speak loudly.

During my Algebra final, my nose was running, my head was throbbing, and I just felt miserable. I forgot all of the equations I had memorized, so at some point, on the problems I couldn't figure out, I just randomly put an answer. Due to this, I was the first person done - by about twenty minutes before everyone else. I attempted to study for my English final, when I began to shudder. I was sweating, my stomach was killing me, and I just felt bad in general.

I asked Mrs. Michaels if I could go to the washroom. She said yes, I began to walk to the washroom, and that's when it happened. I began to throw up, chunks of food filled my hands, and I ran the rest of the way. I began to throw up onto the floor, darted to the first open toilet, and threw up more. Once I was certain I was finished, I washed my face, washed out my mouth, and took a drink of water. I walked back to Algebra, asked Mrs. Michaels if I could go to the nurse, and left.

A paraprofessional stopped me, asked if I was going to the nurse, rung up the nurse, and let me go.

The nurse wasn't there. The doors were locked. Another paraprofessional told me to go to the attendance office, where I was supposed to call home. I turned a corner, went up some stairs (figuring I would just go back to Algebra), and ran into Mr. Gray. I told him I might miss his final, since I had thrown up. He walked with me to the attendance office, where I called up my father. He wasn't home - I forgot that he had a doctor's appointment. The attendance office lady called the nurse back up. She was there.

I was supposed to go back to the nurse's office, but the bell rang... and I decided I was feeling well enough to do English.

What a stupid mistake. I couldn't think clearly while writing my essay (which was on the poem "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley!) and bullshat my way through it. It was awful. I finished my essay on a page and a half of paper - one side and half of the other. I couldn't do any more. I began to do the worksheet (which I got a third of the way through)... and I began to feel how I did earlier.

"Could I go to the washroom?" I asked Mr. Gray. He nodded and said, "Go, go!" I went.

I threw up most of my breakfast and the DayQuil I had taken before school before I made it all the way to the bathroom. The first paraprofessional was in the hallway and said, "You're still here?" I nodded, told her, "I threw up in the hallway-", clutched my mouth, and ran into the washroom.

More throwing up, blah blah blah. By this time, my shirt was so covered with vomit that I took it off, washed the front of it in the sink, and rung it out. As I was pulling it back on, Mike came in, my backpack on his back and a pass. "You're going to the nurse's office," he told me. I didn't put up a fight.

As we walked there, he asked me what I had had for breakfast. "Eggs," I told him, and he laughed and told me he thought that that was what I had had. (Wow, talking about a lot of double words in one paragraph...)

The nurse was expecting. "Adam," she called out. "Is that you?" I went in, told her that it was, and she told me that her phone had been ringing off the hook, so many people had called to tell her what I had done. I said goodbye to Mike. The nurse asked me, "Did you make it through your English final?"

"Yes," I told her.

I sat down in the boy's cot room, waiting out the twenty minutes until I would be able to leave and go home. Of course, I wasn't allowed to leave immediately, since I had thrown up all over the place. What the fuck ever. I was freezing, despite being underneath a heating vent, and just tried to stay awake. I managed to do so. I left, got my jacket, and went to the end of B-Wing door, where I always meet my dad.

He wasn't there. So, I stood next to another heating vent, still freezing, and waited for a good 15 minutes. He came, I got into the car, called up my mother, and told her what had happened. "Come home, mama, please?" I asked her tearfully. That's right. I'm a pussy. She told me, "Of course I'll come home!" and I got home and had more diarrhea and slept under three blankets, two of which were folded up. More diarrhea, more sleep, she came home, and I stayed in bed until about 6:00, only leaving for bathroom breaks and hugs from my mommy.

I haven't thrown up since the, er, events at school, but I've been shitting like there's no tomorrow. I'm not even going to bother waking up tomorrow - that's right, you read it: I'm skipping my (two most important!) finals. Whatever.

My temperature is currently 100.8º. I feel awful, but I have blankets and television and my mommy and daddy and my fucking fantastic animals. I also have my stuffed animals and flat Sprite and all of that jazz, so I'm good for a few more hours.

I have been writing this entry for about 25 minutes. I have regressed several times. I haven't thrown up at all, period, since the third grade. I am really warm and need to go to the washroom and I don't want to miss finals tomorrow, but I figure that it's a bit too risky to go and possibly vomit again.

And that's my story. How was your day?
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this is me

i don't think i'll be eating bananas anymore

I threw up again. I had half of a banana at about 7:30, and immediately afterword, I began to feel sick. It took me two hours, though, before it actually happened.

It was essentially cloudy Sprite... a good pound of it, I'd say.

I should really brush my teeth.
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