January 13th, 2004

this is me

i don't fall in hate

The Italian and French finals were distressingly easy. That means I failed them both. Failed as in FFFFFFF-.

Total number of Scantron bubbles filled in so far: 345

I came home, ate some of those new McDonalds white meat chicken nuggets (holy shit, they actually taste edible), laid down in bed to watch some Reno 911...

...and, of course, fell asleep. I was asleep for about two and a half hours. I woke up at 3:30 and realized that I have come down with a cold. I am currently sniffling, drying my eyes, and bitching about how much I hate my life.

I feel miserable, I have 37 History quizzes to do, and I still need to study Chemistry. Why do I bother?
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