January 12th, 2004

furious angels

i can see heaven inside

My French study guide is ten handwritten pages. I have done, er, no studying today, beyond finishing that. That's okay, though. Let's go through the finals schedule, shall we?

Tomorrow is periods 3-2-6, which is Italian, French, and lunch (so, no final). Wednesday is 1-7-5; Algebra, English, and Phys Ed (yet again, no final). I haven't begun studying for either of those finals, so I'll do that tomorrow, most likely. Thursday is my bad day, with periods 8-4 - Chemistry and History. History will be AP questions from previous years and a free response essay.

Okay. Current grades in my various classes:
Algebra - ~84%. I don't care what I get in this class, seriously. I have given up on math - I'll do the homework, but I don't care how I do beyond that.
French - 86.3%. With my study guide, worth one percent of the semester grade, and missing about 25 questions on the final, I'll be able to get an 88%, which is an A.
Italian - first quarter grade, 96.something%, second quarter is 98.2%. I have 7% to spare, so I'm not too worried about that final. I'll look over my notes tomorrow morning.
History - 69.4%. If I at least get 50% on the finals, and have the extra credit (plus that 4%), I'll get a C.
Chemistry - 93%. I have the potential to go down, but I'm not too worried. I'll begin studying tomorrow, along with History and my other subjects.

That's all I know, and that's all that matters. Hmm.

I had a shaving accident last night. It looks like a rabid raccoon flung itself at my neck and began ripping pieces of flesh off. Or, well, since it's only a (rather vivid) scratch, maybe a vampire got at my neck. Whatever it was, it still hurts and it's bugging me. This paragraph confused me.

I'm kind of dreading finals this year. I don't know why, but I am. I think I should go bash my head in before my stomach feels any worse. I already feel like I'm going to throw up...
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