January 10th, 2004


i was in a tyson fight

I studied today. It wasn't that much (French, Italian, and History), but it's enough to keep me on track. I think I should do pretty good on the History CRT...

I was reading over the class syllabi for various classes when I read something somewhat interesting on the History syllabus. Basically, it says that 2% will be added to each quarter that all homework is turned in on time. It counts as extra credit... and I have turned in all of my homework. Actually, Mr. McClure hasn't put in any of the extra credit points yet.

That means that I have an extra 4% barrier between a C and my D! I probably won't get a D! WOO!

Anyway, I want to get 100% on the CRT, just to prove that I do belong in AP US History, damn it. Plus, if I'm going to be taking [the equivelant to] two AP History classes next year, I want to do good now. If memory serves me right, I did pretty damn good on the two CRTs from last year.

Tomorrow I will be studying more for History, French, Algebra and Chemistry. Actually, Algebra will probably be done on Tuesday night. But whatever; I'm actually studying. I'm also making joyous AFK messages on AIM in haiku.

finals are evil
and suck the life out of me
...they all make me cry

How true.

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wasn't my bullet

fucking glow in the dark

This is a gratuitous entry, just to boast about how I have written 2,000 journal entries since July 2, 2001.

I began this journal due to being lonely, from Kelly being off in Australia... and it has turned into so much more. I have made friends (okay, okay, maybe two) from this journal. I have kept a running dialogue on my life going since before my freshman year of high school - and I am halfway through my junior year.

I have talked to Kelly once since August. I hate to say it, but I have this horrible feeling that, well, that friendship is over. Not only do we not talk, but we are pretty much completely different people right now - I attempt to read her journal, but I just can't. I don't know why.

And then, on a completely different topic, there's the school thing. I think that I have become more intelligent than what I was really expecting. Freshman year, I barely managed to get pass, due to my own stupidity. I still shudder at the feeling I had when I received that report card that had a 0.6 GPA on it. Now, I'm in accelerated classes, I'm in APUSH, I'm proving to myself and my family that I am fifty times better than all of them - and no, I'm not exaggerating.

I've made some great friends since I made this journal (Katie, Tiffany), and lost a few others (Kelly, Jack). I wrote a novel. I lost 20 pounds, kept it off for about four months, and am in the process of gaining (most) of it back, despite exercising and attempting to eat well. I have discovered my favorite musicians - Tori Amos, Tegan and Sara, Duncan Sheik, the list goes on - and I have had some pretty fucking awful days and some pretty fucking wonderful days.

2,000 entries of complete and utter bullshit. 2,000 entries of about two and a half years of my life. 2,000 entries of absolute nothing.

Here's to another 2,000 entries. Or, hell, another day where I don't decide to fling myself off the edge of a bridge.

I'm tempted to put some sort of super-deep quote here, about life and eternity and love and dreams and all that jazz, but I really can't think of what to put. I don't know if anything can be put.

Oh well.
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