January 3rd, 2004

this is me

i love you gloominess

I just saw one of the worst movies in the history of moviedom. It immediately sprang to become my favorite movie. No, seriously.

Bug Buster, featuring Randy Quaid (Independence Day), Katherine Heigl (of Roswell fame), and a bunch of other people. It was so poorly made that I love it. Seriously. The "Mother Bug" was a guy in a bug costume, a sex scene occurred, some dude passed gas, another dude ran around yelling "THE END IS COMING!"

If one of the books written for NaNoWriMo is ever turned into a film without editing occurring... well, that is what this movie is like.

My favorite character was Deputy Bo, this absolutely stupid guy who kept on figuring things out before everyone else. The actor who played him, Ty O'Neal, was in a few other movies that I have seen - The Mighty Ducks 2 and 3. Intriguing. I should watch out for him next time I watch those movies.

What a fantastic movie. It took itself so seriously that it was pathetic. I haven't seen a single good review for this movie, so let's leave it at this: I want the fucking DVD.
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wasn't my bullet

bend, bitch.

I have conquered Pride and Prejudice. It is now my bitch.

I saw They Crawl, another movie on the SciFi Channel. It was quite good - however, I discovered that the average rating for it on the Internet Movie Database is 3.6. Maybe I have a really bad taste in movies.

Or, maybe I just accept that movies suck and embrace them for it. Whichever, it was a pretty good movie.

I had an idea for my English satire - well, okay, two ideas. The first was going to be an article and a "Dear Editor..." response, referring to the need of foreign language requirements in schools (how... shocking). The second idea, which is the one I'm probably going to do, will be a rant on the "classic" novels we must read. Or, to be exact, using a quote from this article...

"The books that people should read are not always the books that people read."

And now I should go exercise. And then get to bed, so I can be up bright and early to do my satire and my - ugh - History cartoon thingy. Stupid school.
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