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추석과 크리스티에 대하여

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September 27, 2016 | 08:54pm
Mood: kinda sad

Real quick summary of the last couple of weeks before I get into the juicy part of the post.

1. Chuseok vacation was Wednesday September 14 to Sunday September 18. Wednesday I met up with Kristy, Nick, Kay, and Kay's friend visiting from Malaysia, JY. We got bossam at my favorite place near Jamsil and then went to Lotteworld. I'm going to be honest; I'm not a fan of amusement parks. The only reason I agreed to go was because Kristy wanted to go before she left. I got my friends to come so she could have company. We spent the day separated into two groups: me and Kay and Kristy, Nick, and JY. Kay and I don't ride rollercoasters, so that's how we split up. I feel as if their group must have been exceedingly awkward, and I know for a fact that they spent over 6 hours waiting in lines. Kay and I spent a grand total of an hour and twenty minutes in line (for two different rides) and spent the rest of the day exploring, eating, and going to Team Lab World, which is a really cool communal art exhibit. At the end of the day we got together, went to Seokcheon Lake to see the Supermoon (a big art exhibit on the lake) and went home.

Thursday was Chuseok. I spent the evening with Yongkuk. We ate dinner at Ashley's, watched a couple movies (Frozen and Avatar), went to a PC bang and played Overwatch, and hung out at his place. Friday we got tuna sashimi and tofu ice cream for lunch and did a bit of shopping.

Saturday I went to the doctor, got kind of good news. Later I met up with Kristy in Itaewon. We got okay Thai food (although she enjoyed the drinks quite a bit). Took a train to Jongno and went to an insanely expensive noraebang, where we sang for 2.5 hours or so. Our goodbyes were essentially, "Have a good life." Eek.

Classes were very much like... whatever. My left knee started hurting halfway through the week so I canceled lower body day at the gym and one run, which kind of made me sad.

This weekend (Saturday September 24) I went to Gangnam and got lunch with Bong, who was up to get his eyes checked after his LASIK surgery a couple weeks ago. The place we'd intended to go was closed, so we got donkkasu at a random place, wandered around UNIQLO and a foreign import snack shop, and I headed home. I managed to get a bit of studying done on the train which was good. I got back, went over to Kay and Nick's to get a book Kay checked out of her university's library for me. We hung out for a while before going to a random Italian restaurant near HUFS, Brillante. I got the cream seafood pasta which was very meh, and we split a chorizo pizza, which was really quite good. Afterwards we got juice at this trendy juice shop, where every cup they give out is in the shape of a lightbulb. Didn't do anything Sunday.

This week is just... going, I guess. I have a three-day weekend coming up, and I also have the Foreign Service Officer Test on Saturday, which I'm sure I'll fail (but I'm crossing my fingers that I'm naturally intelligent/politically aware enough to pass? ahaha). Only two classes left this week.

2. The real reason I wanted to write this post: Kristy has officially left Korea. I've had some issues with her over the years, but you know what? I'll miss her. We've known each other since 2012 and spent quite a lot of time together in 2013/14.

The weird thing is, well, every single person I consider a friend has left Gwangju. I do still know a few people in Gwangju, but nobody I would actively go back to visit. Nobody I care about. It's like... an entire 4.5 year block of my life has abruptly ended and I don't know how to feel about it. My oldest friends left in Korea are basically my only friends still here- Bong, Kay, Nick, Alyn, four people I met in 2014 (although I've known Bong for a few months longer than the rest).

When I graduated from university and left Kirksville, I can't say I really had this feeling, for a variety of reasons really. I was too involved in my new life in Korea, my friends there kind of drifted off and we never really kept in touch, plus I never really cared too much for Kirksville, period. I don't think I ever want to go back to Missouri, or Kirksville, honestly. On the other hand, in a way I consider Gwangju to be my Korean "hometown". I spent more time there than in Kirksville, and I really became an adult there. I would like to visit Gwangju again- visit Verviers, get shabu shabu at the good place in Pungam dong, go to Gosoo Dalk Galbi downtown, do my old walks around the reservoir/to and from downtown/around the mountain/through Juwol, Jinwol, and Bongseon-dongs. Just visit my old haunts, properly this time. But I don't know if I ever will- without anyone there to visit, can't go to the restaurants, and I'll have no real impetus to go. Besides, I've kind of fallen in love with Gangwon-do these days (Gangneung has more or less become my new favorite city in Korea), and if I'd rather visit Bong in Jeonju or go to Busan or something.

Anyways. I guess my point is, it feels like a good portion of my history in Korea has vanished with Kristy. On a related note... you know, if I leave Korea and decide to come back in five or ten years, I'm pretty sure I won't have anyone to visit or see. And I find that kind of sad.

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