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냉동볶음밥 도전

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August 2, 2016 | 06:50pm
Mood: sigh

An extremely meaningless entry (because I've been too lazy to update as of late):

I've discovered these frozen fried rice packs, which are both cheap and relatively filling if I cook an egg with it. By tossing them into the microwave for 4.5 minutes, they're also very easy to cook, which is the main reason I buy them, honestly.

Anyways, I decided to cook one tonight. I always pour a little into a bowl, then put an egg on top, finish pouring the rice over the egg, and then cook it. I cracked the egg and started to put it in the bowl when I realized that the egg was rotten. I've never seen it before, honestly; inside the egg there was mold and the yolk was a bit hard. Annoyed, I threw out what I'd poured and washed the bowl. Then I repeated the process with another egg.

I always stir the rice one time in the middle of cooking it. I started to stir tonight and- I don't know what happened- but the egg exploded. Rice went flying everywhere.

My rice bowl is half the size of what I started out with. It's not even very good tonight, probably because it's been sitting out getting cold for the last twenty minutes. I'm resigned to the fact that the universe just doesn't want me to have a big dinner tonight. But hey, at least I have a clean floor!

And microwave.

And refrigerator.

And wardrobe.

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