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기말 언제 끝날거야???? ㅜ

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June 18, 2016 | 01:36pm
Mood: 피곤피곤
Music: Sia - Chandelier

Welp, I suppose I'll write a bit of an update on the last week. Since it was finals week and all.

Monday I had class. We spent three hours reading Lacan, and I didn't have the correct English translation, so I read it in Korean and... understood it, weirdly enough? Since when do I understand psychoanalysis written in Korean? Weird.

I spent all day Monday translating my 15 page Classical Novel paper. The final title was, "김만중의 구운몽과 최인훈의 구운몽에 나타난 여성 인물 연구". It was, uh, not a great paper, unfortunately. Tuesday I edited the paper and finished it up. Then I had the final exam on Wednesday... it was bad, you guys. Real bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, I studied (kinda), but it was an essay-based exam, one thing wasn't even taught in class, and I got to watch every single thing I'd studied fly out my head the second the test paper was in front of me. I am just hoping like hell that I managed to do well enough overall that I got a pass in the class, particularly since it's just a prerequisite. I really don't want to take another prerequisite class later on if I don't have to.

Thursday I had novel class and I didn't make much real progress on my paper since last week, but I edited and figured out what needs to be done. I seriously have maybe 10% left to do on that paper. I'm kind of pleased about that, although I wish I had 0% left.

Friday (yesterday) I got my hair cut. My current style is a pretty extreme undercut, with the sides being very short and the top being fairly long, and I sweep it over to one side. Because I do that it's kind of important that the sides be very carefully cut. My normal stylist wasn't there, so another one cut my hair instead... and it's okay, but she wasn't very careful, and now the area where the short hair meets the long hair is kind of mangled. I know I sound ridiculous, but it really bugs the hell out of me. You can hide mistakes with long hair. There is no hiding with short hair. Whatever, I'll be in Europe for most of the time until I get my hair cut next so it's not like I need to impress anyone anyways.

Oh, that's right, I never mentioned that, did I? Last Saturday I went ahead and booked my vacation. I booked a round trip to Germany. I leave Friday, June 24 (less than a week away!!!) and return on Thursday, July 7. I don't actually know what I'm going to do there yet. I'm kind of thinking about doing some combination of Berlin/Stockholm/Amsterdam/Luxembourg/Belgium (maybe 2-3 of those), but I have no idea. I need to book everything, including hotels, but I simply haven't had the time. I've been spending most of my free time writing papers.

And yeah, I still have papers remaining. I still have editing/adding in some more supporting lines to my paper for novel class, and I started (and got maybe 40% done with) my semiotics paper yesterday. I am, uh, not sure if I'm writing my semiotics paper correctly, to be honest. Mostly because I realized that I don't know how to apply semiotics to poetry, and it looks like nobody else in the world does, either, based on research. I'm kind of thinking I'll just continue the paper in the vein I already am (introduction; basic research methodology section; non-judgmental analysis of the poem, line by line; discussion of three important signs from the poem, using super basic semiotic analysis; conclusion in which I say, gosh, look at how semiotics helped us understand the poem more deeply lololbutts). Or uh something. Whatever.

The worst thing is, the semester is officially over. Like, yesterday was the official last day. But I still have a class next Monday, and I have the semiotics paper to finish writing, translate, edit, and submit, and the novel paper to edit and submit, and it looks like the earliest I'll be done with everything will be Tuesday. I JUST WANT TO BE DONE. Seriously. JUST END, SEMESTER.

Oh, and yesterday I met up with Yongkuk (like always). We got Vietnamese shabu shabu near Hyehwa, then walked around Jongno, Dongdaemun, and DDP yelling at each other. I'm one of those really, really opinionated people, and so is he, so we talk over each other and get angry at each other's stubbornness and opinions. It's pretty great, to be honest. I wanted to go to the top of a neighboring building to try to get an interesting view of the DDP, but we couldn't get high enough, so we wandered around the LED flower garden for a while. Considering how we're not dating, but not not dating, he actually seemed kind of disappointed that we wouldn't be able to meet up for a few weeks. Probably because he won't have anyone to yell at about how Korean is becoming so diverse and welcoming to foreigners, and why the Kpop business model is superior to that of other countries'. (Don't worry, I made sure to let him know how wrong he is. I also let him know my true feelings about modern Korean architecture while I was at it.)

Okay, I need to stop writing this post and go work on that miserable semiotics paper. "'You' is an object in the poem, which represents 'absence,' which is the representamen. And if there is absence, then there must be presence, which we see in the narrator, who describes what 'you' and she did together, (insert a variety of examples from the poem here.) As such, the interpretant is the 'feeling of connection'." Just to give a little preview to Section 4, Part 1, "Three Signs: 'You'". Ugh...

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