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헬스 목표

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May 4, 2016 | 01:35pm
Mood: cheerful

Last week I started a new phase in my fitness lifestyle; working out six days a week.

To give some background, I've had weight issues my entire life, culminating at myself weighing 278lb when I turned 18. About a month or two before I graduated from high school I went on a diet (calorie counting), walked (a LOT), and did Tae-bo (because... why not?). I proceeded to get even crazier with my dieting during my first year at uni and got down to 167lb... in 6 months. I finished the year and stopped dieting, and slowly - gradually - regained some weight. I've never weighed as much as I did before, but over the years I've crept up to (around) 200-210lb and have stayed in that range.

When I turned 22, right before I graduated from university, I started running. As a former fat kid forced to endure gym class straight through my senior year of high school, sports were never my thing, but in spite of the bad memories I didn't hate running as much as I hated (and still hate, for that matter) baseball. Or football. Or soccer. Or basketball. Anyways, I ran for about 8-9 months, got to the point where my long runs were over 10 miles, and proceeded to injure myself. And then I came to Korea, and fell out of the habit.

When I came to Korea I started going to the gym and calorie counted again, lost a lot of weight (back to about 170lb), and eventually fell off the boat. The weight slowly crept up again...

In 2012 I had a miserable year and gained an unfortunate amount of weight. As a result I made one of my resolutions for New Year 2013 to be working out at least 30 minutes a day. I started by using an exercise bike, and then started walking as well. In 2014 I did Jillian Michael's exercise tapes and slimmed down a bit.

Now, the thing that impacted my current fitness occurred in 2015, when I broke my arm. I was so worried that I'd gain a ton of weight that I started to walk a lot. I started doing another exercise tape by Chalene Johnson and then I got my Fitbit and proceeded to become obsessed.

When I moved to Seoul I put it off a bit, but I joined the gym in the middle of October, and started going 3 days a week. I worked my way through the Couch to 5k program and lifted weights, focusing on upper/lower body, depending on the day. The weight, however, did not budge at all - even though I was running three days a week, lifting weights three times a week, and walking over 22,000 steps a day, my diet was really awful. Thanks to living with my friends last year in Jeonju and getting a lot of practice cooking and preparing/eating vegetables, in January of this year I started to put more vegetables into my diet, and as of March I started to watch what I ate. I got to the point where I am keeping track of my food, trying to eat a reasonable number of calories while also eating a lot of vegetables. Basically, I am not dieting - I am making reasonable choices. Crazy, right?

That brings us up to last week. I downloaded My Fitness Pal about two weeks ago and have been recording my food. The weather has also gotten very nice and I am running longer and longer distances, so I decided to switch up my exercise routine. Here's what it looks like for this week (well, kinda, since I've had to move some days around due to weather/holidays):

Sunday - 5.5km run
Monday - 40 minute cross-training, upper body weights
Tuesday - 5.5km run
Wednesday - 40 minute cross-training, lower body weights
Thursday - 8km run
Friday - 40 minute cross-training, upper body weights
Saturday - rest day

Now, my cross-training consists of what is essentially power walking on the treadmill at the gym. Next week I'll do more days with lower body exercises instead of upper. And my runs will also vary - next week I'm going to run 9km, then the week after 10km, etc. Also, I'm doing at least 22,000 steps a day (thanks, Fitbit!) on top of that.

Here are some goals I have as far as fitness is concerned.

1. I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
2. I want to run really, really long distances. (The current plan is to run a half-marathon in October and a full-marathon next March.)
3. I want to eat healthy. No calorie counting/becoming a slave to the calories. Instead, I want to eat healthy foods, eat smaller portions, and make smart decisions.
4. I don't want to get injured exercising! I want to take everything slow and steady and build my fitness up.
5. Of course, I'd love to have a six-pack (never had one before, curious about what it'd look like!), but I don't really care about having an absolutely amazing body. What's more important to me is just generally being healthy and fit. That being said, the day my manboobs vanish will be a glorious day indeed.

When it comes down to it, my main goal is being healthy. Also, running a lot. I want to be one of those people who runs ridiculously long distances because they're masochists and find that type of thing fun. Which is, uh, kinda weird. But whatever!

I have a few sub-goals though. For example, one sub-goal is that by the end of May I want to switch from running 3 days a week to running 4 days a week. After one week of having my long run at 10km, the following week I plan to tack on an extra day of running. I still haven't decided how I'm going to go about that. Should I drop my rest day? Should I drop a day of weight-lifting? Should I combine weight-lifting and running into one day? I don't know! Lolz. But yeah.

Now, for the real reason I wrote this entry: I started running outside by the river (well, by 중랑천, which is the closest branch of the river to me) last week and it's amazing. I don't hate running on a treadmill, but good lord, running outside is 50 times better. Legit. Plus it feel kinda badass to say, "Yeah, I totally ran (the equivalent of the distance) to Kundae this morning." Word.

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