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도시에서 도망가고 싶은 마음...

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May 2, 2016 | 05:50pm
Mood: allergic

I'm writing this because I'm having trouble concentrating on my studying and my laptop is open next to me and it's the beginning of May so I'm due to write a post anyways and... yeah, you get the drift.

I went to Jeonju on Saturday for a day trip. Caught the 9:30am bus from 고속버스터미널 and proceeded to run into awful traffic until roughly 오산. What should have been a 2:40 hour bus ride ended up being 3:40. Ugh. Even worse is the fact that I hardly slept the night before and I'd been (and still am, as a matter of fact) feeling awful. Met up with Bong, ate at a shabu shabu buffet, and then we found a doctor and proceeded to find out that I just have allergies (probably). Then we wandered around the hanok village and Gaeksa for a while before getting 물짜장 for dinner, and I caught the bus home.

I have to admit, it was nice to get out of Seoul. Really, really nice. I really like Seoul, but I've never felt as- well, surrounded, for lack of a better word - as I do here. It may just be my neighborhood, but there's people everywhere, all the time, there's little to no greenery in sight (gotta go to a Kyunghee Uni's campus 5 minutes away or the river 15 minutes away), and sometimes I just want to be alone. I had similar feelings when I lived in Gwangju, especially in Juwoldong, but that was cured by my regular walks along the 푸른길 to and from downtown. One of the things I like best about Jeonju, particularly the area in which I lived, was how empty it was. We were literally on the edge of the city, there were fields and mountains in the middle of the city, and depending on the route I could go walking and not see anyone at 9 in the morning (or hardly anyone). It's funny, I've been in Seoul since what, the beginning of February now? Not a single day away since my last trip to Gwangju. And I never realized how much I've been craving greenery and peace and quiet. I'm glad I went to Jeonju on Saturday. Even if I spent more time on buses than in the city itself, I am glad I realized how much living in the "concrete jungle" is affecting me. I think that my new running habit, which brings me to the river several times a week, will help matters slightly. While I'll probably continue to live in this area for the next year or two, I think that I will probably be seeking out a quieter, greener area in the future.

This week is another week in which I'm light on classes - my Monday Methodology class was canceled, Thursday is Children's Day and Friday is a legal bank holiday, so I'm down to two classes this week. Not bad. I'm going down to Gwangju on Friday because Kate leaves Korea in about a week and a half, so it'll be our last time together as a "group" (me, Kristy, and Kate, at any rate). A few months from now Kristy will leave, and then I'll have no friends left in Gwangju. It's sad... kind of feel like an era is over. Very similar to how I feel about Kirksville, actually; even though I'd kind of like to go back to visit, I don't know anyone there so it's kind of pointless.

Last Friday I had a bit of an incident in my classical novel class. My professor asked us if we could meet early, I agreed, and then I proceeded to show up on Friday to class at the normal time. The reason for that is that I didn't actually hear which day it was - I'd assumed next week (this week) as opposed to Friday, since we only have an hour of class on Fridays. My assumption was wrong. The professor was a bit annoyed but once I'd explained what I'd thought she wrote it off as a situation in which I was lost in translation. Accurate. On the other hand, I was REALLY pissed off that she was even annoyed in the first place. Lady, you either show up late to class, take calls in the middle of class, cancel after everyone has already shown up and is waiting for you, show up to class and tell us that you have stuff to do so we should sit and read together, and YOU'RE annoyed at ME? Granted, I could have asked for clarification, but I am more than a little annoyed with her, to be honest. She made some comment about how it was a pity that I missed out on hearing the novel read out (read: me doing part of the reading) in class. Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, reading in class is a waste of time and lazy teaching on your part. It's been rare that I've been so excited to write an evaluation for a professor, but here we are. Pity she's the department head and probably won't even be reprimanded.

I have some other things I'd like to discuss (final paper topics are at the top of the list, followed by my new workout schedule, and hanging out with friends), but I should probably stop procrastinating and get to work on finishing up today's reading. If I can remind myself I'll write up another post in a day or two. Hopefully.

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(no subject)

from: annaserene
date: May 2, 2016 03:44pm (UTC)

that professor has some nerve!!

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: May 3, 2016 04:41am (UTC)

I know, right? The worst thing is, I told this story to my Korean friend and he said, "Sounds like a regular Korean class..." :-o

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